Apertura il 9 Giugno 2012 ore 15:00 PM

‘We must love one another or die.’
W.H. Auden

There are places in time and space where people have hurt each other. Until a bridge can be built, these places remain like an open wound in history.
( Yizhao Guan & Stephan Hausmeister )

The title of this exhibition, Bridge over Trouble is taken from the song by Simon And Garfunkel (Bridge over Troubled Water 1969), one of the best-selling hits of the 1970s, when issues of community and the gloabl village emerged in the wake of the Vietnam War.
This show includes a range of works by international artists who are all concerned with ideas of dialogue, communication and the possibility of change across different belief systems and cultures. Even though the world has become more and more ‘globalised’ in recent years, there is still much bridging to do with regard to non-violence and the respect for human dignity. The internet has allowed communication to become more effective and far-reaching in the quest for bridging barriers across ‘fixed’ geo-political entities. These artistic interventions are vitally part of the exchange that speaks of the prime role of human agency through creativity, whereby ideals of human expression of liberty are represented through photography, painting and installation, with the human body as a potent symbol of humanity itself.

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