“The evolution of a graft” Installation, Birch Tree of 12 meter high hung backwards at 2.5 meters from the ground with steel cables.


The evolution of a graft” materials: Birch Tree, 30 mt. Steel cable, 50 cm threaded bar. 

The work represents a natural migration enacted by human intervention

The Birch Tree and the branches have been taken 115 Km away from the installation site and have been successively installed within the Farfa woods for the exhibition “Contempo_Area” held at Montopoli di Sabina on October 1st 2011.
The contrast between the colors of the tree and the ones of the surrounding nature contribute to enhance the environment alienation.

Special thanks to Commander UU.VV. Vincenzo Frazzano and Dr. Alessio Telloni for their help and availability.

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