Birth: Rome, 21/10/1981.


2000-2001 Roman Academy for Arts and technologies,
Degree in Artistic and Graphic and marketing strategies and Techniques, Rome, Italy

1995-2000 Caravillani School of Art, Rome, Italy

I consider myself as an artist who experiences life by exploring the kaleidoscopic visual expressions of digital technology. By manipulating virtual informations I converge my efforts on researching and analysing the compulsive aspects of human behaviour in the frame of both natural and artificial environment.

Since the beginnings I concentrated on the relationship between man and nature, science and artifice. Erupting on the art scene while still very young, I have been working with different media such as photography, graffiti, and video art. My work is characterized by the fascination with the gradual changes occured within western societies in relation to the developments of both the computing and the telecommunication industries.

In 2001, I founded, together with the Italian-Swiss artist Daniele Jost, FORMA2, an art project focused on applying digital technologies on environmental experiments; Science and art galvanized within a virtual laboratory that generated projects aroused from the cooperation between scientific and artistic practices.

Using the computer to transform each beat into an living audio-visual installation the artist becomes a sort of modern alchimist. Through my sensitive experience, the spectator is thus viene propelled within a virtual forest where an absurd artificial nature is captured by the objective and successively manipulated in order to eventually become an anthropomorphic sculpture.

Playing with the specularity and the repetition of nature’s unknown elements I create a dimension where technology serves as the incubator where boundaries betweeen nature and high-tech development become surprisingly subtle. Technology versus technology to underline the unreachabe limits of science and divine, rational and sensory.